[NEWS] Arashi Ohno to Star in the Drama Adapted from Popular Manga of Fujiko Fujio A!

Arashi member Ohno Satoshi is going to play the lead role in the TV drama "Kaibutsu Kun/怪物くん (lit. Little monster)" which adapted from popular manga of Fujiko Fujio A.
This is the first time for this manga to be played by real person, and the drama will be aired from April.

It's a story about the prince of the monster land, "Kaibutsu Kun" and his friends, Dracula, Wolfman, and Franken come to the human world, encountered Hiroshi and his sister Utako, and then they are involved into the battle against demon living in human world.
It has been adapted into TV anime twice in 1968 and 1980.

Fujiko Fujio A used the same time "Fujiko Fujio" with Fujiko F. Fujio, and produced "Obake no Q taro/おばけのQ太郎" together. In his personal name, he also took active part in "Ninja Hattori kun/忍者ハットリくん","Purogorufa saru/プロゴルファー猿", "Mataro ga Kuru!!/魔太郎が来る!!", "Warauseeru sumsen/笑ゥせぇるすまん", etc. Maybe you have heard of some of them.
In addition, in the movie of "Ninja Hattori kun", SMAP member Katori used to play the lead role!

As the leader of Arashi, Ohno played the main role with Ikuta Toma in the drama "Mao/魔王" in 2008, after which he played the lead role solely in "Uta no oniisan/歌のおにいさん" for the first time in 2009. This time he is going to challenge the new genre again and sure to show the new side of his own!

Credit: musicjapanplus
Shared by: satoshidake

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