[NEWS] Arashi to Take Over Nippon Television for 2 Weeks!

Arashi (嵐) member Sho Sakurai (櫻井翔) attended the TV variety show "Oshareism(おしゃれイズム)" the other day and talked about episodes with other group members.

According to Sakurai, he received a mail from Satoshi Ohno (大野智) when he did the coverage of the Vancouver Olympics. However besides the message "do your best", Ohno also attached a picture of Maruyama (KANJANI∞) in swimming trunks. In addition, after the news program ZERO, Ohno also sent an email to say "It was a good face!" On the other hand, on Sakurai's birthday, he received a decorated mail saying "Happy birthday!" from Jun Matsumoto (松本潤). However, he also received the complaint from KANJANI∞'s Yokoyama about that Sakurai gave the wrong size of sneakers to him as the present. There were a lot of interesting anecdotes revealed on the program.

Regarding to Arashi themselves, the drama "Kaibutsu Kun/怪物くん (lit. Little monster)" cast Satoshi Ohno will be on air from April 17, as well as the new variety show "Arashi ni Shiyagare(嵐にしやがれ)" with all five members which will start from April 24. Moreover, their "Doyou no Arashi, Haru no Nitere×Arashi Daisakusen (土曜の嵐 春の日テレ×アラシ大作戦, lit. Arashi of Saturday, Nippon TV in Spring×Arashi special action)" will hold the largest scale special program ever. Therefore, Arashi is going to take over Nippon Television for two weeks, with 65-hour-long performance on all 43 different TV programs.

The most noteworthy program will be "Doyou no Arashi, Night 1, Kaibutsu Kun Opening SP" on April 17. In the special project "Arashi den~Konya shika Mirarenai Arashi ga Wakarisugiru VTR Ikkyo Houshutsu SP (嵐伝~今夜しか見られない嵐がわかりすぎるVTR一挙放出SP~ lit. The legend of Arashi~VTR to know more about Arashi only for tonight, release at a stroke SP)", an introduction of members' real faces will look back on the trace of Arashi since their debut. With the drama of their Johnny's Jr. time, each member will reveal their old videos such as "The turning point of the life" with nostalgia. "Through the program, you will further your understanding to all five of us." said Matsumoto. The new single "Monster", the theme song of "Kaibutsu Kun" to be released on May 19, will premiere on TV. After that, "Doyou no Arashi, Night 2, Arashi ni Shagare Opening SP" will feature a extended episode of the new improvisation program.

Last September, Arashi had a special campaign project "Arashi CHALLENGE WEEK" which had 50-hours length in the same TV station. As to this unprecedented large-scale planning, Kazunari Ninomiya (二宮和也) said: "I thought it was the only chance we had last time, it was so great that we had one more shot!" Check out the "now" of Arashi in these two weeks!

Credit: musicjapanplus
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