[NEWS] Arashi Won "Most Likeable Artist"! Who's the Most Likeable Member?

Music magazine "Oricon Style (オリ★スタ)" has conducted a survey on "Which male artist has the higher likeability". Popular group Arashi (嵐) won the 1st, bearing down all other artists such as Mr. Children or Masaharu Fukuyama (福山雅治). In the news program "Zoom-in!! Saturday(ズームイン!!サタデー)" on March 27th, Satoshi Ohno (大野智) and Masaki Aiba (相葉雅紀) talked about their likeability.

Ohno was asked about the reason of their likeability at the shooting scene of the drama "Kaibutsu Kun/怪物くん (lit. Little monster)", and he answered "Isn't it normal?" with Ohno-style. As to the question, "Which member of Arashi has won the best likeability?", Ohno said: "It is Aiba-chan, isn't it?" because Aiba has become more and more popular after playing the main role in the drama "My Girl (マイガール)".

On the other hand, Aiba was interviewed at another place with the question who was the most favorable member, "Honestly speaking, it is me (laugh). No, it's a joke. I'm joking." Aiba answered humorously. Then interviewer told Aiba that "Ohno-kun answered 'Aiba-chan' to the same question." Aiba was like "What?! Me? It's so embarrassing...Leader didn't say 'Me'??" It seems Aiba was quite confused with Ohno's response.

Arashi's new single "Troublemaker" was released on March 3rd and now has hit big nationwide. Their DVD "ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10" is scheduled to release on April 7th and is expected to take over the chart again.

Credit: musicjapanplus
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