[NEWS] Mizukawa, Eikura, Ninomiya and Sakurai having fun under the cherry trees

On April 01 the two Arashi members Ninomiya Kazunari (26) and Sakurai Sho (28) have been spotted enjoying the cherry trees that are currently in full bloom. Occasions where people go out to gaze at the beautiful cherry blossoms like this are called ohanami or sakura viewing, a term most of you have probably heard already. Anyway, Ninomiya and Sakurai haven't been alone that day, the young actresses Mizukawa Asami (26) and Eikura Nana (22) were with them all the time.

Sounds like a great and fun outing of some very popular young stars in Japan. They didn't even try to disguise themselves and simply enjoyed being together. So what's the occasion? Is it time for more dating rumors again?

"Most people might still not be aware, but Mizukawa is actually very close with the members of Arashi. Even in their private time they often go out to have some meals together. Once she appeared together with Aiba Masaki (27) in a movie and there were rumors about them being in a relationship. Eikura, on the other hand, is a very good friend of Mizukawa," an official of a broadcasting station explained the foursome.

That seems to explain all the fun they seem to have had that day. People said that Mizukawa simply wasn't able to stop smiling all day long. However, it wasn't just a random get-together under the trees, they've actually had a reason to be together.

"April 01 was the birthday of Takahashi Katsumi (49). The four of them have been seen carrying a cake to a café and congratulating him on his birthday," an official from an agency resolved the situation. Several other influential actors such as Tsutsumi Shinichi (45) or Toda Keiko (52) attended the little party at this café near the cherry trees as well. The staff at the café even had to stay 40 minutes longer than the official closing time, because the group simply had too much fun and didn't want to end the party. The group then split up while some of them decided to keep partying elsewhere, a few of them even until 2 am in the night.

It was the tabloid FLASH that reported about this event and published several snapshots from the party. Eikura was said to be in a very good mood. She was a bit tipsy and linked arms with the others. Ninomiya was kind of leading the foursome to the party and was carrying a lot of stuff for them. Nagasawa Masami is know to be good friends with Mizukawa and Eikura as well and it was surprising not to see her at the party, but I guess she tries to avoid any public appearances together with Ninomiya.

Credit: kawaii-joyuu
Shared by: satoshidake

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