[NEWS] A breezy PR event for “Wagaya no Rekishi”

Fuji TV's 50th anniversary dorama special "Wagaya no Rekishi" has been completed and today the cast went up to the rooftop of said channel's Wangan Studio in Tokyo to make the happy announcement. One by one the all dressed up cast walked along the red carpet laid out on the roof.

Spring welcomed the cast with a very strong breeze, much to the agony of those wearing dresses, but at least it didn't rain. Starring actress Shibasaki Kou (28) said a few words about the dorama. "Having seen the complete version, I just fully realized how much our current way of life is connected to the smiles and sorrows of the people from the past."

Writer Mitani Kouki is said to have been working on the script of this special dorama for more than 5 years. It's a dorama with a family oriented theme and a story that follows the always cheerful Yame family through all the big historical events of the Show era like World War II, the US-Japan Security Treaty conflicts, the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and so on. We will be able to relive all those moments through their eyes, with all their smiles and their tears and never-ceasing brightness despite the numerous hardships.

Mitani was happy about the blue sky for the event. "This day has finally come. Such a strong wind feels more like a punishment, but I'm still glad that we have such a nice weather." Actress Eikura Nana (22) plays the youngest child of the family and also said a few words about this nearly 8 hours long epic dorama special. "In the beginning I thought 7 hours would be really long, but I ended up watching the whole dorama in one night. I'm very happy that I'm able to stand here today," she said. "It's 8 hours long!" Mitani had to correct her. "Did you actually watch it until the end?" He joked.

Shibasaki further commented on how it was to work together with such a wonderful cast. "I'm not married and don't have any children yet, but during the filming I definitely experienced how it must feel like to have a family." Regarding child actor Kato Seishiro (8) she added, "His way of thinking is very mature and it was him who actually taught me a lot of things at the set." Of course Kato replied in a very mature way, "No, you taught me!"

Satou Kouichi, Matsumoto Jun, Sato Ryuuta, Horikita Maki, Nagasawa Masami, Tamayama Tetsuji, Takada Junji, Fuji Sumiko, Nishida Toshiyuki and director Kono Keita all appeared at the event as well.

The three consecutive nights of Wagaya no Rekishi will start on the 9th at 9pm.

Credit: kawaii-joyuu
Shared by: satoshidake

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