[NEWS] Arashi's Aiba and Ohno Introduces New High Speed Keitai Camera

Arashi's Ohno Satoshi (28) and Aiba Masaki (26) held a press conference earlier today to reveal their latest CMs from au. To demonstrate how to use the high speed built-in camera, one person was responsible for kicking a soccer ball towards a goal, while the other was responsible for photographing the shot. The winner will be determined by who gets the ball in the fastest and by who captures the best shot.

In the end it was Aiba who had the best kick, while Ohno had the best photo. Ohno seemed to have a real talent for taking photos and captured the precise moment as Aiba was taking the shot. He then pointed towards the photographers sitting the audience and said "I can be there too. My photography skills are so good that Aiba really shines in the photos." Ohno then suggested changing occupations, but Aiba instantly quipped "You don't need another job!"

Since February of last year, Arashi has been appearing in CMs for au. On the 30th, a new batch of CMs will be released featuring all five members together for the first time. Each will introduce a different camera phone. The backdrop used in the CM produced a very natural atmosphere and captured the close relationship between the members.

Source: nikkan sport
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ asianfanatics.net
Shared by: satoshidake

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