[NEWS] Arashi Members Appear in TV Ads: Attend Press Conference

On October 29th the Arashi members Ohno Satoshi and Aiba Masaki attended the press announcement of several TV commercials that promote a new line of cell phones. In the TV ads the five Arashi members appear wearing all-black outfits. They discuss freely the selling points of the new mobile phones. During the conference Ohno and Aiba displayed a newly added feature of one of the cell phones; it enables the user to take 20 photos in rapid succession. Ohno was impressed, and seemed eager to try out a 'new career'. "I never realized cell phones have become so advanced! Maybe I should become a photographer."

Aiba immediately cut in. "Johnny's members aren't allowed to have side jobs!" Everyone at the conference chuckled. Aiba said that they had filmed four different versions of the commercials, and he was very pleased with the results. "I think we were able to act naturally. They don't look scripted."

In one of the versions Arashi check out a slide type phone that has the thinnest body among all phones sold by the company. The members say "It's so thin it almost feels like it doesn't exist. Hey, that's just like our leader's [Ohno's] stage presence!" Ohno acts as if he were really pained and sits on the floor dejectedly. "Yeah, I really don't have much of a stage presence. It's the perfect phone for me."

With the abovementioned version of the TV ad in mind, Aiba tried to 'mend fences' by praising Ohno. "Actually, he [Ohno] is always looking out for the other members. He's the leader, and a vital part of the team."

At the conference Aiba and Ohno also competed in a penalty shootout. They told reporters that they had no experience playing soccer. They went head to head twice and both matches ended with a draw. The two members said "Let's play another game so we can decide who's better!" As the staff scrambled to prepare for another match, Aiba said "Are we running out of time? [To the reporters] Please wait a moment!" As with the filming, they seemed at ease during the press conference! Lastly they commented that they were able to promote the cell-phones in a 'natural way' without getting pushy.

Credit: musicjapanplus
Shared by: satoshidake

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