[NEWS] Arashi Ohno Satoshi Discusses Art with Nara Yoshitomo!

Recently as part of a project for a TV program Arashi member Ohno Satoshi sat down to discuss art with pop artist Nara Yoshitomo. Ohno has gradually been cultivating his artistic side. Ohno asked Nara a question about a problem most fans probably weren't aware of. "How do you produce art when you get stuck? From a short while ago I've been going nowhere." Nara cheered Ohno with words of encouragement. "Getting 'stuck' is a sign that you are trying to improve yourself. If you don't struggle, you won't find inspiration." Ohno commented about their discussion. "It was a really great experience." He also said that afterwards he was able to start working on his painting again.

Nara said that he was surprised to find that Ohno was genuinely passionate about art. Since Ohno was so serious, Nara quickly found himself replying just as seriously as Ohno. "I was most astonished about how he has managed to stay motivated and create all those artwork; despite his tight schedule as a popular celebrity. When he was talking about art, he seemed genuinely happy. It was not part of his job. He was enjoying talking about something he loves, but he was also very serious about it...I really had fun!"

After they said goodbye, the following incident happened...While Nara got on his car, Ohno came out to see him off. From the window Nara called out to Ohno. "I told him 'If you run into any problems again, give me a call!" So I gave him my phone number, and as soon as I started driving my cell-phone rang. It's been a while since I last encountered someone so vigorous and youthful."

From the TV footage and their words, it was easy to see that both men truly thought that meeting each other was a great experience. Might the super-popular idol and world-class artist collaborate in the near future? Ohno seems to have taken a new step forward into a new field.

Credit: musicJapanplus
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