[NEWS] Arashi Members Sports Festival!

The Arashi members host a regularly broadcast TV program titled '嵐の宿題くん / Arashi no Shukudai-kun [lit. 'Arashi members' homework']'. The members tackle many challenges that are (erroneously) dubbed 'shukudai [宿題; homework]'! In one episode TOKIO member Nagase was the guest, and together they held a funny sports festival! Have any of you seen the broadcast?

The five Arashi members all wore identical sports jerseys and bandanas around their heads. They did not look at all like the Arashi that fans are used to seeing! The artists were divided into two separate teams each with three players. They competed in a 5 meter 'caterpillar race'. [In a 'caterpillar race' each team lines up single file, and the player at the front bends over with hands on the ground. Each successive player bends over and holds onto the ankles of the player in front of him; thus becoming a 'caterpillar'. The 'caterpillar' has to race around a cone or other object all the while making sure the 'caterpillar' formation doesn't fall apart.] Ohno, Matsumoto and Sakurai teamed up, while the other team's members were Aiba, Ninomiya and Nagase.

Since they usually perform as a group, fans probably would think they have great teamwork. It turned out things weren't that simple. Both teams were huffing and puffing while having trouble moving inside the narrow race track. The moment Nagase reached the finish line he shouted "I broke my personal record!" Which was a bit strange since Nagase had said it was his first time to compete in a 'caterpillar race'! It was actually Ohno's team that won the match. Why had team Nagase been so confident they had won?

If you were to participate in a caterpillar race, which Arashi member will you like to have on your team? If you were asked to form a team that has the most chance of winning, will the members be different?

Source: Musicjapanplus
Shared by: satoshidake

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