[NEWS] 大野/Ohno talked Arashi's and his 10 years.

This year, 嵐/Arashi celebrates their 10th year from the debut. Not only as a team, but each member has actively worked on stages, dramas, commercials, and even as casters. The leader /Ohno talked about those 10 years they have walked. He said that he used to like illustration and fishing, and didn't feel like he would continue his job as a TV person. "I was going to quit this job and rather be an illustrator. But it happened to be like this and I felt I couldn't keep going on. I don't think I was extremely busy but I remember I was concerned," said Ohno

When Arashi debuted, other 4 members were getting used to be on TV and people actually knew about them well. But for Ohno, he was mostly on the stages, not on TV, so he didn't know what to do. 

But as you all know Ohno, today, works as a choreographer in Arashi as well as releasing a solo album! He is into "music" which is what Arash does professionally. He said, " It isn't like I wanted to do that (laugh). It was more like... I like Arashi but I don't feel that I want to do something for Arashi. I think I like drawing and fishing more." It is so Ohno who does what he wants to do and he has been doing so. But what will happen after 10 years? Ohno responded, "If I have more things that I want to do, I'm probably gone (laugh). Well, maybe it is a good idea to be it a traveller." Yes~, he was a free man.

Credit: musicjapanplus

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