[INFO] Actors that Look Good as Samurai Warlords

From a while ago in Japan 'Taiga' dramas and 'jidaigeki' films have become very popular. A survey was conducted where people were asked "Which actor would you like to see play the role of a samurai warlord of the Sengoku period (1467/1493-1573)?" Arashi member Matsumoto Jun won the most votes. He had also been chosen a while back as the 'most desirable actor as a boyfriend'.

Here are the results:

1. Matsumoto Jun
2. Domoto Koichi
3. Oguri Shun
5. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
6. Ohno Satoshi
7. Abe Hiroshi
8. Fukuyama Masaharu
9. Ninomiya Kazunari
10. Matsuyama Kenichi

In all the top 10 positions went to artists and actors that are currently attracting lots of attention!

Notes: ['Taiga; 大河' dramas are a series of historical TV dramas broadcast by NHK. 'Jidaigeki; 時代劇' films are historical movies that focus on the time periods in which the samurai class existed. They could also more specifically center on the Edo period (1603-1868).]

Credit: musicjapanplus
Shared by: satoshidake

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